REOPEN OUR COUNTRY… one gym at a time.

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We’ve been hearing the outcries of our people for weeks now. Ever since the country started to shut down at the beginning of March, we have been forced to give up our freedoms in the name of public health. Social distancing. 6 feet apart. Wear a mask. 10 people only. All of this has been common dialogue encapsulating all of our lives the past 10 weeks. Now, COVID-19 is obviously an issue. There are precautions we need to take, however, restricting the rights of the citizens who keep this country afloat is the best way to sink the whole ship. Even our commander-in-chief is making his voice heard.

POTUS realizes that the only way this country will survive is because of those people who step up everyday and work hard. To avoid sounding like a broken record, let’s shine a light on what is happening in New Jersey. With certain states re-opening and the risk of COVID-19 decreasing, people are demanding that they are given their rights back. At a gym in Bellmawr, New Jersey, a crowd of supporters let out a cheer as the doors reopened for the first time in weeks.

Atilis Gym realizes the effects of the coronavirus, with one of the owners wife’s being an emergency room pediatric nurse and his mother actually contracting the disease. Trumbetti, co-owner of Atilis, is proposing an organized and peaceful reopening. They have set social distancing as a precedence and are having a 44 member capacity. Sanitizers and cleaning equipment is also readily available. This reopening, against the state’s orders, has had an overwhelmingly positive response from its people.

The owners of this gym expressed their reasoning and need to reopen their gym. They believe that if they don’t do this, the government will continue to overstep their bounds and we will slowly fall away from democracy. Smith, co-owner, says, “The government has failed at protecting our rights and [is] failing at protecting our health.”

This pandemic has made the health of our citizens rapidly decline, this is often shown as a joke or “meme” on several social media sites, but the proof is in the pudding. The decrease in health is not just in those contracting the coronavirus. Obesity numbers are elevating, depression has become more prevalent and overall happiness of people is suffering. We are stuck in doors and being constantly told what we cannot do. It has been proven time and time again that working out increases the levels of dopamine in the brain to make people happier. Along with the added effects of weight loss and stronger muscles. Even if this wasn’t what the owners of Atilis Gym were considering when they decided to reopen, it all helps in their case against the shutdown.

They are helping their people, which will in turn help this country. We have heard of hairdressers being arrested for reopening their salons too early, and others being threatened. But, Smith and Trumbetti understand the significance of this risk. They are following the CDC guidelines of social distancing and taking all of the precautions to keep those that come into their gym safe. Their goal is not to rebel without cause, it is to start the reopening of our country. We all need to be like these brave patriots and stand up for what we believe is right, while we keep everyone around us safe.

We cannot Keep America Great without those who take risks.


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