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Quid Pro Quo

What is a quid pro quo? The definition is “a favor or advantage granted or expected in return for something.” Who remembers this accusation being thrown at President Trump? Who remembers the media covering it 24/7 and shoving it into our heads? Where is the media when Joe Biden admits to doing what they say Trump did? Nothing but silence from CNN, in fact, today even more audio was released and Joe Biden could not have made it more clear that this was in fact a quid pro quo.


Joe Biden has had a new nickname ever since the first video of him bragging about holding the aid over Ukraine in exchange for the firing of the general. His name is Quid Pro Joe. It is extremely fortunate that his name is Joe because it just fits too perfectly.

To put this simply, Joseph Biden held foreign aid over the head of the Ukrainian Government. Sound familiar? He would not give them the billion dollars unless they fired the prosecutor general. The math here is pretty simple, you do this for me and I will give you the money in return. Add in that Joe Biden’s own son is making bags of money in Ukraine, it all seems a little odd. It looked to me that the democrats had a problem with this sort of behavior when they erroneously accused Trump of it, so why is nobody talking when Joe Biden has openly admitted to it on multiple occasions?

The Media Bias Never Stops

It has become clear that the media isn’t even afraid to hide it anymore, they want to control what you and I think. If they stay hush about it, then everything involved with this just fades away quietly. Can you imagine how much “breaking news” there would be on CNN if Trump was the one talking in this clip? We would probably have another impeachment on top of it as well. The blatant media bias has forced conservatives to constantly be on the defense while the media controls the minds of the people. The majority of America needs to wake up to this mind control or we are in trouble.

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