No coronavirus catastrophes following reopenings of Georgia, Florida and Texas

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Does anyone else remember when the twitter mob was trashing anyone who wanted to open the country because they “care more about the Dow than they care about the lives of people”? Well it appears that since Georgia, Florida and Texas care more about the Dow than their own people, they have reopened their states with astonishingly NO increase in COVID-19. Who would have thought? Joe Biden obviously didn’t:

“Listen to the science”

The democrats have been pushing the whole “we must listen to the science” narrative ever since this whole thing started. Shocking to nobody, the democrats have stopped caring about the data now that it doesn’t support their tyrannical policies. Even today, as Texas is opening up, the all wonderful Beto O’Rourke chirps in his two cents with this:

The democrats simply just want us to hide inside our houses until there is no threat of danger in anyone’s lives. Why weren’t we hiding inside for the last 40 years then? There is always danger out there so let’s just crash the economy because we pretend to care about the lives of our people. Sounds like a fantastic campaign and I am sure the democrats will be successful with that as we near the 2020 Election.

Florida, Georgia and Texas Lead

As Americans who actually care about the health of the nation as a whole, we will continue to reopen and strengthen this nation as we recover from this pandemic. Florida, Georgia and Texas are leading the way back to a prosperous nation that thrives on working together. Candace Owens today made a pretty interesting point today as well about the states that got it the worst are the ones that shut it down the most.

Lets listen to the science Democrats

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