MUST WATCH: Democrats WANT More Covid-19 DEATH to HURT Trump!

As Democrats continue to keep our country hostage with their never-ending lockdowns, it is becoming more clear as to what the Democrats and Fake News Media are really trying to accomplish. Their goal has nothing to do with saving lives or helping Americans get back to work to feed their family, but actually the opposite. Democrat’s only objective is to push their political agenda and too do everything in their power to ensure that President Trump does not win re-election, and it has been this way far before the Coronavirus was widespread across the country.

Time and Time again the Democrats have continued to exploit this crisis to extend their power and put the people of this country last. The effects of years of lies from left-leaning propaganda in the media has become evident in Joey Salad’s latest podcast, where he reviews a video of liberals being asked if they would take a deal where one million people would die, but in return President Trump would not be re-elected; YOU WILL BE SHOCKED TO SEE THEIR ANSWER!

The political divide during a time where our country needs strength and unity is getting ridiculous. A lot of this has to do with our out of touch politicians, like Nancy Pelosi who refuses to go back to work and blocks finical stimulus to millions Americans all while relaxing in her multi million dollar home, eating ice cream from her $20K refrigerator. Or take Governor Cuomo who had the audacity to tell Americans to get a job that is essential if they want to go back to work, right after calling them unessential. What politicians forget is that everyone’s job is essential to that individual, for many Americans it is their livelihood, so for clueless politicians to call them unessential and to find another job is pure communism and tyranny.

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