Murder Hornets; Another FALSE Narrative

Murder Hornets; Another FALSE Narrative - Insect | The Raging Patriot

In the past few weeks the story of the “Murder Hornets” has become sensational. The story spread as quickly as wildfires because of the new impending doom of these “murder hornets”. In reality, this was just another over-exaggerated story.  The media pushed this story for the fear factor it creates. Once even a little research is done you will find that there has been a very minimal amount of sightings all taking place in the northwestern region of Washington State. This isn’t something that everyone has to go out and buy wasp spray for. There is already a full-scale operation under way to gather data and stop their spread.

This short panic was caused because the media gave a new name to the hornet to create this narrative. The hornet has always been known as the Japanese giant hornet or the Asian giant hornet. “They are not ‘murder hornets.’ They are just hornets,” said Washington Agriculture Department entomologist Chris Looney. By re-naming the hornet, they could get people to invest into their fake story. Although, alternatively they might have changed the name because they didn’t want to be racist by their previous standard, such as naming things from where they originate such as coronavirus being called the Wuhan or Chinese virus.

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Fakes News Rooted in Click-baiting

With the emergence of coronavirus, the mainstream media can finally stay afloat financially as people look for information only to find click-baity information and false narratives. This is the only way mainstream media can make money, anyway. Clicks, clicks, and more click baiting stories. Articles and stories written about coronavirus that change narrative all the time. The narrative got so far that it has become immoral to suggest reopening the country to where even some leftists are getting attacked by their own for suggesting any such idea. It is hard sometimes to see all the fluff and over-exaggeration related to coronavirus, however we can see all the fluff in this “murder hornet” story.

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Murder Hornets are Nothing New

As a hobbyist beekeeper I know that bees have to deal with wasp and hornets all the time already so this isn’t an unknown danger. Beekeepers always kill wasps and hornet nests, even honeybees themselves can fry wasp and hornets with their body heat. The Asian giant hornet isn’t something new in the world. It has been an annoyance in Asia for a while, but the people figured out how to curtail them. We have many pests already here in the US and we figured a way to keep them down, so this isn’t something new. We should focus more on killing mosquitoes than these hornets. Mosquitoes are responsible for millions of yearly deaths worldwide while the Asian giant hornets might only kill a few dozen of people a year.

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Quarantine the Honeybees?

This isn’t something in which beekeepers have to close off their hives so the hornets can’t get in. That would surely stop the hornets from killing any honeybees but then the bees would starve out and not grow during a vital time in the spring because they would run out of honey, pollen and propolis and other minerals that they store. The exaggeration of this story is very dangerous. If this story continued to grow and frighten people, then many would go out and probably buy out all the wasp and hornet sprayers and cause a brief shortage. This is the power that the mainstream media has. Instead of utilizing their position to be factual and impartial, they have become partisan and fear-mongers. It is very clear that they can blow any story out of proportion and the fear created can control the free people of the United States. There is no genuine threat to America with these hornets. What we ought to fear is this unhinged mainstream media.

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