Nevada is now considering the use of “Vote By Mail” this November! Sign Petition Now!

Nevada is now considering the use of vote by mail in its primaries and the general election this November. This comes after Michigan’s Secretary of State has announced that all Michigan citizens will be receiving an absentee ballot in the mail for Novembers General Election. While our so called “officials” tell us that mail in voting does not effect the integrity of the election and its outcome, we all know the real reason that Democrats are pushing for mail in voting is because it makes it possible to cheat.

Mail in voting allows Democrats to harvest ballots in highly democrat concentrated counties while ignoring other more conservative counties. Mail in voting also will allow parents to sign ballots for their children who would normally never show up to the polls (since young Americans never show up to vote in large numbers).

With mail in voting it is impossible to know who is and is not voting and the ability to lose integrity of the election becomes inevitable. If you want to see an end to vote by mail, then sign the petition below!

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