Michael Flynn Case: Judge Sullivan’s Suspicious Selection

 Michael Flynn | The Raging Patriot
-Michael Flynn

The Michael Flynn news has recently taken a turn.  Judge Emmet G. Sullivan brought in his own attorney in the case.  This has been seen as a blatant conflict of interest and is a controversial move.  

Michael Flynn is looking to rescind his original guilty plea.  Judge Sullivan is refusing to dismiss the charges against Michael Flynn.  On top of that, he has brought his own attorney, Beth Wilkinson, into the case.  Wilkinson is supposed to help him explain his decision to not dismiss the charges against Flynn by June 1st.  Prior to this, Wilkinson has worked with Brett Kavanaugh, dealt with the NFL in regards to concussion lawsuits, and even was involved with the case of the Oklahoma City Bomber.  She was also involved in the Hillary Clinton email investigation, representing four of her aides.  

Judge Sullivan has claimed involvement in this case, however, remains the judge making the final decision.  Not only has he claimed involvement, but he seems to be taking over every part of this case.  Georgia Representative Doug Collins was asked about the current situation and said, “He’s wanting to play every position.  He wants to play the defense attorney, the prosecutor, he wants to play the judge…” Judge Sullivan is apparently attempting to control different aspects of this case and is coming under fire because of it.  

 Emmet G. Sullivan | The Raging Patriot
-Judge Emmet Sullivan

The question as to why President Trump didn’t pardon Flynn is a valid one.  Perhaps one reason President Trump has chosen not to grant a pardon is because doing so doesn’t mean Flynn is innocent.  “…a pardon makes the president personally accountable for the outcome… pardoning Flynn does not really clear him of wrongdoing but, rather, overrules the judgment of his guilt by presidential fiat…” (Jurecic).   This is only one explanation and could be far from the real reason, but it should be considered.  

A questionable move by Judge Sullivan to include his own personal attorney in a case that he has included himself in.  Also, President Trump not granting a pardon is an intriguing piece to this case.  The expected Juned 1st explanation will be an interesting one.  


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