Lockdowns Create the BIGGEST Republican Voter Turnout?

Joey Saladino yesterday in his podcast “The Raging Patriot” predicted that the Lockdowns caused by the Coronavirus is going to turn into record Republican voter turnout. Why? The districts in this country that are run by Democrats are going to be outraged if the lockdowns continue. People don’t like to be stuck indoors and jobless.

 Joey Salads | The Raging Patriot
Joey on the campaign trail

The Pitch

Joey goes into detail about how Republican Challengers for seats in these Blue Districts need to push out a platform of liberty and opportunity. Pitch to the people that they can be entrepreneurs for themselves. That if they want all the “latest” and “hottest” stuff then they need to build that and not rely on their government to do anything for them. They need to shift the narrative to show how the government is trying harder and harder to control them. It is essential that they point out how easily they were forced into following stay at home orders from their government with no say to the issue.

 United States | The Raging Patriot
-Primary Voting in Milwaukee

What I think will happen

Just as Joey Saladino thinks about a huge republican turnout, I believe there will be just as equal a turnout from the left. There are a lot of people that do not like Donald Trump. Don’t be surprised if the Left has a massive anti-Trump turnout like they did in the midterms in 2018. It is no question that this coronavirus incident will set back Trump’s economy “bragging rights.” In my opinion Trump’s strongest argument for remaining President is how he will handle to economy and rebuild it.

I think the most important part for the Trump campaign to focus on is winning the white blue collar worker vote again in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. If he can also bolster his support in Florida that would be a long way.


In the era of Trump it has been hard to follow polls that have Donald Trump. His approval rating has still never broken 50% but why should that matter? Polls don’t take into account the “Trump Factor.” Let’s not be too quick to forget that Trump was down by 13 points in polls for Michigan 2 weeks before the election; a state that he would go on to win. Incredible! I’m excited to see what the 2020 election will bring and what “Trump effect” we will witness this year.

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