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Keeping America Afloat - Elon Musk | The Raging Patriot
Elon Musk

When it comes to opinions in the media, all we ever hear or see is from the Left. We are bombarded from every side with their nonsense, especially through this pandemic. However, Joey Saladino highlights how Elon Musk made waves on Twitter recently, saying that he was moving Tesla HQ to Texas/Nevada. Musk is just one of the many Americans who are absolutely sick and tired of the economy completely shutting down because of COVID-19.

Musk made the decision to sue Alameda County, in California, for extending the closure. Despite encouragement from the President, Governor and other elected officials, Alameda County decided to remain on lockdown until June 1st. Musk made the decision to support our economy and those who work behind the scenes, to move his operation to Texas/Nevada. He is also suing Alameda County for the way that they are ruining their economy and in turn taking away jobs from the blue collar American’s who need to work to provide for their families.  This has caused an outrage within the leftists of our country. But, Musk is supporting more than just his company and the economy. He is shining a light on the hard-working Americans who do everything for this country.

Saladino inquires if the left truly cares about these hard-working Americans. Stating that all they care about is when they get their food.. not how. “They care about getting their steak on the table.”, as Saladino says. They put the money on the table and if that gets replaced with a steak, that is all they care about. They don’t care about the farmers who raised the cattle, the farmers who grew the feed , the slaughterhouses or the packing companies. They just care that they get their meal. They don’t care that with the closing of restaurants, or the option of take out, their business is hurting. These farmers are losing money. The restaurants are losing money. We are all suffering here. Not just the 1%.

Farmers are not the only ones keeping this country afloat, however they were specifically mentioned in Saladino’s video. It is sad to say that many Americans have lost their jobs due to COVID-19. But something not broadcast in the media is that farmers, truck drivers, construction workers, medical professionals and so many more work behind the scenes every day. They do not ask for attention. They get up early every day. They still work their 9-5, or longer. They are the people who are keeping the steak on the table, for the 1% and keeping food in the fridge for their families. They have not allowed this pandemic to break their spirits or deter their hard work.

In drastic situations like this pandemic, jobs are being taken away from these American’s who work so hard just to feed their families and this is why Musk’s decision to relocate is so incredible. We, as a country,  cannot turn our back on the people keeping us afloat or we will surely drown in the midst of this panic.

To create your own opinon here is the video mentioned in the article.

Please watch and enjoy.

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