Is it Time to Hold Our Politicians Accountable and Finally DRAIN THE SWAMP?

The double standard in today’s politics has become completely out of control. The biggest example of Democrats and Fake News Media failure to hold themselves to the same standard as Republicans is with Brett Kavanaugh. When Kavanaugh was accused of sexual assault, it sparked outrage in the Me-Too movement and coined the phrase “believe all women”. Kavanaugh had absolutely no Due Process and was guilty proving his innocence opposed to innocent until proven guilty. The Democrats and media nearly ruined Kavanaugh’s life over a baseless story that the accusers couldn’t remember where or when it occurred, and multiple accusers even admitted to falsely making the story to derail the senate vote. 

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The Democrats also showed little care for due process for President Trump during the fake Russia witch hunt, and the Impeachment hoax. President Trump also had no due process and was not even allowed a lawyer present in the House Hearings. So now that Biden has been accused of sexual assault, with a far more credible story, the left has become silent and has completely ignored his accuser’s accusations. When asked why Kavanaugh was treated different than Biden, Pelosi responded “Joe Biden is Joe Biden”. 

The left has also failed to hold themselves accountable when it comes to corruption of their party. Michael Flynn, an American war hero had his life ruined for making false statements to the FBI. This has recently turned out to be a set up by the FBI to get Flynn to lie so that they can have him fired from the Trump Administration and arrested. However, when Hillary Clinton deleted 33,000+ emails after getting a Subpoena from Congress, many with classified information, she walked away without any charges.

The double standard in today’s politics is just completely out of control. Take this poll to raise awareness that American’s are tired of the double standard and are ready to finally hold their politicians accountable for their actions! Drain the swamp!

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