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If you are from CA, Sign this Petition Demanding the Immediate Re-Opening all Businesses!

By Red Elephant

California protesters are now being called “Extremist” for demanding that their state re-opens for businesses and for the state government to give their rights back as guaranteed in the Constitution. Many of these protesters’ jobs were called “unessential” by the state government, what the state forgets is that everyone’s job is essential to their livelihoods, and now hundreds of thousands of Americans across this country are forced to close down their businesses for good thanks to endless lockdowns in Democrat states.

It has become more than clear that the real reason Democrats are keeping their citizens in endless lockdowns is not because of their safety and wellbeing, but rather so that they can take advantage of the crisis and use it as grounds to utilize “vote by mail”. This form of voting will without a doubt lead to mass voter fraud across the nation and is the Democrats last chance of stealing this upcoming November election.

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Red Elephant

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