Fake News CNN says Joe Biden is Leading the Polls

In hopes of attempting to bolster the floundering Biden campaign, CNN flaunts a national Fox News poll that found Biden has taken control of a 48% to President Trump’s 40% lead. Overall, the average of all polls last week has Biden leading by a range of 48% to 41% over Trump. Of course, CNN forgot national polls carry next to no weigh, and can only puff up their significance to feign Biden’s chances at usurping Trump. Once the DNC mistakenly decided to unify under a dinosaur who has about five minutes of lucidity a day (all of which spent on denouncing black Trump supporter’s or even non-Biden supporter’s blackness) and often doesn’t know where he is, any poll that indicates Biden leading shouldn’t be taken seriously.

On a larger note, because America doesn’t employ a popular vote, polling cannot accurately portray national sentiments towards a candidate or predict the outcome of the general election, especially six months out. A much smaller scope of polls, even when considered national scale, also contributes to the fallaciousness of polling. How could we forget the bombastic 2016 meltdown of Hillary Clinton, who led by 14 points nationally twelve days before the election from an Associated Press-GfK poll? CNN would like to pretend Biden’s lead (well, “lead”) is somehow more substantial than Clinton’s 2016 lead by comparing Biden’s meaningless national poll leads to Clinton’s equally meaningless leads in late May of 2016. And we all remember how November shook out.

Either way, CNN has a clear anti-Trump narrative and can afford to omit reason and honesty in their journalism with rhetorical pieces aimed at taking out the legs of the Trump campaign. But considering Biden’s entire campaign platform begins and ends at “I am not Donald Trump” and left the rather important campaign skill of cohesive sentence forming in his plagiarized speeches, Trump might not even need to stand up to win 2020. 

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