Dear Bill de Blasio: This is the United States of America

The United States of America is the land of the free right and the home of the brave, right? Well, according to Bill de Blasio not so much, especially if you are of “The Jewish Community.” On April 28th, @NYCMayor on twitter sent this message:

Is calling out the Jewish Community in your own city really a smart idea Mayor de Blasio? It seems to me that calling for the arrest of people who are not committing any crimes while releasing violent criminals into the streets seems a little tyrannical does it not?

Why calling out the Jews is a major mistake

I do not want to say that Bill de Blasio is Adolf Hitler, but I really question this decision by the Mayor. In New York City, antisemitism is skyrocketing each year. There have been reports of many hate crimes targeting Jews which is very bothersome considering the horrible past the Jewish community has had to endure. So WHY are we singling out the Jews? Are they the only ones who have violated your authoritative orders?

New York is always touted as the place that is accepting of everyone, so what explains Jews being targeted more and more each year? Calling them out is only going to cause hate crimes towards Jews to go even higher, so why would the Mayor do something so reckless? Calling for their arrest for attending a funeral? Why don’t you just arrest anyone for going outside their homes at this point? Where do we draw the line on your power Mr.Mayor? There are so many problems with your recent actions. You lead a city that has the Statue of Liberty as the symbol but all you have done here is taken liberty from your own people.

The Statue of Liberty

Dear Bill de Blasio: This is the United States of America - Statue of Liberty National Monument | The Raging Patriot
-photo from history.com

It seems to me Mr. Bill de Blasio needs a reminder of what the Statue of Liberty stands for. This statue is a symbol to the world that America is a free nation. A nation that offers anyone regardless of their skin color the opportunity to succeed. The Statue of Liberty reminds me of the song “This Land is Your Land” by Woody Guthrie. The Lyrics from the first part of the song state:

This land is your land, and this land is my land
From the California, to the New York Island
From the Redwood Forest, to the Gulf stream waters
This land was made for you and me

As I went walking that ribbon of highway
I saw above me that endless sky-way
Saw below me the golden valley
This land was made for you and me

We The People

The United States of America is the nation of the people, not the government. The government works for us, that is why you cannot just arrest us for being out in public. We have a constitution that we will defend to our graves because we know that without that document we would not be free. It is time for the state and federal governments to return to their places and let the citizens of America be free. No more tyranny, we won’t put up with it. That goes to you, Bill de Blasio, and to every other Mayor or Governor who seems to think that their power is limitless because of COVID-19.

I also want to say a special thanks to the many wonderful Governors who have not oppressed the law abiding citizens in their own states. America has been wounded but we are not broken. We will come back stronger from this and once we do, it will be time to elect leaders who actually understand that they work for the people.

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