CNN announces climate change activist Greta Thunberg will appear on coronavirus panel.

As the Left incessantly demands the “experts” and the “science” to lead the nation through handling the road mapping of lockdowns, CNN has enlisted the seventeen-year-old high school dropout Greta Thunberg to appear on their coronavirus town hall, “Coronavirus Facts and Fears.” Eagle-eyed viewers may recall Thunberg as the teenager who fell victim to a twisted social experiment, propping up a horrified child raised on climate alarmism with zero proper education on the subject to whine at world leaders for stealing her childhood with corporatism or something. Now she returns to the spotlight just as uneducated on coronavirus as she is on climate change.

While it may seem logical to give this platform to the medical experts, you know, a claim she agrees with, we can’t forget that this global pandemic is, in fact, a “child-rights crisis”, according to Thunberg herself, as long as we don’t consider the millions of adults filing for unemployment, doctors and essential workers endangering themselves to preserve the necessary societal structure and health care, and the elderly and immuno-compromised whose lives are at constant risk.

Her “powerful voice” (according to a Hollywood actor, Patricia Arquette, at least) provides all the credentials she needs to discuss complex political and scientific topics alongside former Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and former CDC director Richard Besser. An easily manipulated child suffering from Asperger’s makes her the perfect rhetorical tool to promote the eternal lockdown agenda from CNN since sobbing is a suitable replacement for cohesive arguments.

Besides, these lockdowns have proven to be the solution to all of climate change so the climate activist Thunberg gets to pretend tanking the global economy and halting human development is a viable long-term strategy. If we have learned anything from this global pandemic, humanity truly is the virus.

Unfortunately, her inclusion in the town hall hasn’t come without critics and naysayers. All of those loser conservatives’ on Twitter heads are exploding at the notion of a literal child scolding everyone who wants the lockdowns to end so they can earn a paycheck on national television.

You see, they might have forgotten common sense isn’t a factor in this interaction but the real reason for their objections is far simpler.

Disagreeing with CNN’s decision by expecting them to inquire reputable sources obviously means you are a sexist. And probably age-ist as well. Obviously.

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