Backwards California

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Even during a global crisis, leftist Californians are still trying to push their agenda, rather than giving it a rest to pull together as a country. This should come as no surprise, but still they are putting criminals and illegals before the needs of law-abiding Americans, who may actually need help.


Governor Gavin Newsom announced a new plan to give $500 each to 150,000 illegal immigrants who were “left out” of the stimulus package from Congress. The money is planned to be distributed through nonprofit organizations to protect the illegals from giving personal information that may jeopardize them of other benefits or to be deported. That $75,000,000 going to illegal immigrants is a big slap in the face to the citizens who worked hard to come to America legally and won’t receive that money who may badly need it.

Newsom’s Stay-At-Home Order Triggered In Region Where He Lives
Gavin Newsom courtesy of SFGate


To prevent overcrowding, thousands of non-violent criminals have been released from state prisons. They are making room for people who aren’t breaking any laws. People who are going on walks and spending time at the beach while still practicing social distancing. So, what do they get for going outside? They get to go to jail for doing nothing wrong, while people who have actually broken the law get to live free. Now that’s backwards.

 California Institution for Men | The Raging Patriot
State prison in Chino, CA

There has also been a large push to eliminate criminal bail outs. Making it so that criminals who will reoffend, like sex predators or thieves, can be arrested and then walk free within a few hours and move onto their next victim. When legislators are promising to prioritize safety, it doesn’t really seem like they are following through with their promises.


The thing about leftists is they like people to be dependent on the government. Rather than providing them with resources to live a happy and successful life, they want people to be desperate for government help. So, of course, they are using this quarantine to their advantage. They would rather tax wealthy California residents to provide for people who don’t pay taxes and would keep the state closed rather than reopening, which would cost taxpayers so much money. Reopening the state gradually and limiting government spending would be fiscally better for the state of California and especially its residents.


California Senator Mike McGuire and state superintendent of education Tony Thurmond are asking for big telecommunications companies to finance electronic resources like high speed internet and computers for students in poorer areas who may not have access to them. They say if companies aren’t willing to pay up, they will employ other forceful means like legislation to require them to finance the electronic needs of the communities. Instead of allowing companies the charitable opportunity to donate on their own, they would rather use government force to make them pay. Of course, we should all be helping our neighbors in need, but the government forcing us to do it, will not go over so well.

 Mike McGuire | The Raging Patriot
Senator Mike McGuire


When the country needs strong leaders, who will put Americans first giving money to illegals, releasing criminals, continued lockdowns, and forcing companies to pay isn’t exactly what the American people had in mind. In fact, it isn’t even close to what Americans had in mind. Most of America is ready for the country to reopen and get back to work, school, and living their lives freely, without the government in the way. But if more states start acting like California, then welcome to North Korea.

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