Are Lockdowns Becoming Government Tyranny?

The Democratic governor that has been praised by the left, but has also been shown to be a hypocrite is Governor Cuomo. Cuomo was recently asked a legitimate question about Americans pushing to go back to work to pay their bills and take care of their family, and Cuomo’s response was absolutely disgusting. He told the reporter that if New Yorkers are carless enough to want to work, then they should get an essential job. So, after the government forced businesses to close and decided what they deem as essential and nonessential, the government can force you to do a different job? His exact words were “The illness is death. What’s worse than that? This isn’t just about you… It’s about we…go get a job as an essential worker”. Disgusting. This follows reports showing he was not following his social distancing orders himself. 

Governor Cuomo isn’t the only Democrat in New York pushing to take away our basic rights and freedom. Mayer De Blasio urged New Yorkers to snitch on anyone who was breaking social distancing rules and not wearing proper PPE. De Blasio went as far as telling New Yorkers to take pictures of these rule breakers and send them in, his exact words “Sending that photo in is going to help make sure that people are kept apart, and that’s going to stop the disease from spreading. And that’s going to save lives”. De Blasio was later seen breaking his own stay at home order when he was seen going for a walk in a park. 

While corrupt Democrat Politicians get to break the very rules they created, other Americans have suffered as a consequence. One case in Iowa, a woman was arrested after police say she was violating city orders by trespassing on a city playground that was closed to stop the spread of the coronavirus and was later charged with one count of misdemeanor trespassing (CBS News). Another case of government overreach occurred at Ralphs Skate Court in San Clemente California, where city officials had ordered the skate park to be covered with sand to keep skaters out. 

The Democrat that seems to enjoy her newly acquired power the most is Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Whitmer has taken some of the most aggressive and overreaching actions of any governor in the US. Whitmer has ordered all residents of Michigan to stay at home, and has banned all travel to other residences, including friends and family members. Whitmer has also banned the sale of all “nonessential” goods, including gardening equipment. This sparked the widely known protest as this was another example of the government deciding what is and isn’t considered essential. Whitmer has also stated that she plans to sue her veto power against any Republican introduced bill aimed at limiting her power. 

The overreach of many state governments, along with the push from Democrats to implement mail in voting has led to Freedom Protest all across the country. Most recently, armed protesters stormed Michigan’s State House, something their idiotic governor called “racist”. Along with Michigan, protesters are demanding freedom in California.


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