Where do we go now?

Where do we go now? - Manhattan | The Raging Patriot

It has been almost a month since major closures due to the Covid-19 outbreak in the United States. With the 3 phase plan to reopening America in place set by the White House and the CDC it is hard to tell how things will go the remainder of 2020. For the near future it is safe to say that any sort of large gatherings will remain restricted, and will include social distancing measures.

The steps we take back

The first thing that we will have to take a step back and re-evaluate is how we can keep social distancing measures in a way that doesn’t harm the economy. The stock market has taken a toll from the coronavirus, but it is poised to make a strong recovery under Trump’s economy. As manufacturing shifts from China to the United States we will see an increase in blue collar jobs. The type of jobs fit for the American working class and also for those who immigrate to the U.S.

Another step we will have to take a step back for is large gatherings. Until a vaccine is created in the next couple months we can be sure that concerts, sporting events, and rallies will most likely be limited. This will also affect college classrooms that have large lecture halls (200+ students).

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The steps we take forward

In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic the U.S. is now prepared more than ever for another outbreak in the future. Our medical professionals are again proving why they are the best in the world. We now know that universal healthcare would only have resulted in longer lines, wait times, and turning people away. We have seen this unfortunately sweep across Europe and damage their health care.

 White House Coronavirus Task Force | The Raging Patriot
-Graphic provided by the White House

The most important step forward that we need to take forward is unity. All Americans must unite to take the necessary steps to better our country in recovery. To fix these social issues that will develop from the falling economy we will need to focus on economic recovery policies. Not ones that will enable U.S. citizens to feel “entitled.” I have no doubt that President Trump will continue to have a tough stance on wanting all Americans to work hard. We can’t force anyone to work, but we can do our best to encourage everyone to work. With stimulus checks being sent out this is a good step for American’s take wake up to the reality of how little $1,200 will last. Americans will be starving for employment and our economy will come back roaring. This will create a greater sense of unity and patriotism in our Great Nation.


So where do we go now? We move forward! The same direction we have been going since declaring Independence in 1776. Rather than cower and hide in hopelessness and despair we will push forward. The most progressive policy of any conservative is the motivation to put forward hard work. That is something both sides of the aisle can advocate moving forward out of this pandemic. Stay safe, social distance.

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