The Failure of the W.H.O.

There is always a blame game when a major catastrophe occurs and in the case of COVID-19 it is no different. The mainstream media types, like CNN and MSNBC, are hell-bent on putting all of the blame on Donald Trump while the Trump administration has laid the blame on China and the World Health Organization. Who is to blame in causing this worldwide outbreak? Do changes need to be made? If so, where do they need to occur?

The early response of the W.H.O.

When it comes to containing something like Covid-19, the initial response is extremely important. If relevant facts are downplayed or if false information is spread, then a world of trouble awaits. Below is a tweet by the W.H.O. dated January 14, 2020.

All it takes is one look at this tweet to understand just how big of a mistake this was. The World Health Organization is supposed to be a reliable source of information in terms of health, but clearly the opposite is the case. Every day it looks more and more like they are on Team China rather than on Team World. What is even more bothersome is that it has come out that Taiwan sent a warning to the W.H.O. at the end of 2019 about Covid-19 and they did not make anything public about what they were told.

Why didn’t the W.H.O. make the information fed to them by Taiwan public? Why did they take China for their word when China said that the virus couldn’t be spread by human to human contact but they didn’t bat an eye when Taiwan told them that it could be very dangerous? These are questions that must be answered and the Trump Administration has taken notice. As of April 8th, 2020 the Trump Administration is flirting with the idea of withholding funding to the W.H.O. until we get some answers about their relationship with China. The United States currently leads all nations in funding of the W.H.O. with a total contribution amount of $513,000,000 in 2017. Without funding from the U.S. the W.H.O. would lose its’ highest supplier of funds.

W.H.O. Denies the Existence of Taiwan

If you are not convinced that changes need to be made to the W.H.O. then this will surely convince you further. In a video conference interview, a senior official of the W.H.O. dodged questions about Taiwan claiming that he could not hear the question. This was clearly a lie when the interviewer said she would repeat the question and his response to that was that he would like her to skip it and move to the next question. She persisted and what was the result? He hung up the call on her. Watch below to see the rest of this very disrespectful mans actions toward the interviewer.

W.H.O. Denies Taiwan’s Existence

This exchange here gives us a clear answer as to why they did not care about the information that Taiwan gave to them in 2019; Because they do not want to acknowledge their existence! Is the W.H.O. an international organization that doesn’t have bias or is it an organization that is run by Communist China? If you look at the evidence you would believe that China is the one calling the shots and it seems that at least in the case of Covid-19, the W.H.O. was more worried about defending the face of the Chinese Government than they were about the health of the world, which is supposed to be their main job.

Final Thoughts

The W.H.O. failed the entire world when it came to the Covid-19 outbreak and they must face severe repercussions from the rest of the world for their mistakes. If they want to be the organization that the world spends billions of dollars a year on, then they cannot make mistakes this monumental. They have to be the first to respond and they have to respond correctly, if they don’t then what purpose do they serve? The Trump administration withholding funds from the W.H.O. could bring about the change needed in this corrupt organization which could be what helps us stop this type of event from ever happening again.

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