Should China or Trump be held accountable for the handling of COVID-19?

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Over the past couple of weeks the mainstream media has been a constant barrage of “gotcha” media towards the Trump administration. From cries of “racism” for referring to Covid-19 as the “Chinese Virus,” to the screams of “xenophobia” for restricting travel from foreign countries. In all this mess called “news” it can be hard to see what the real problems truly are. Ultimately, when the pandemic settles down in a couple of weeks or months who will be held accountable?


On February 7, 2020 a Chinese Physician by the name of Li Wenliang was killed by Covid-19. Li was the first doctor who warned the Chinese Government of a possible outbreak of an illness which resembled SARS. Later that month when the government refused to acknowledge his warnings, Li went public with his warning of the Corona Virus. On January 3, 2020 he was summoned by police officials and was admonished for his “false claims” he had made public. Not more than a month later would he contract Covid-19 from a patient and die in the city of Wuhan, China.

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From this we see the suppressive nature of the Communist People’s Republic of China. They will do nearly anything they can to stay in power. Their government needs to paint the image to their people as unstoppable and almighty in power. China wasn’t going to let some “small virus” topple down their political control.

In the aftermath what did China do? Ultimately the Chinese Military put Wuhan on lockdown and fixed their numbers of cases and deaths related to Covid-19. Does anyone really believe that out of such a densely populated country only 82,000 contracted the virus and 3,000 died? From the words of Charlie Kirk “China Lied, People Died.”


Shifting to Trump, when he announced the travel restrictions from China and South Korea on January 31, 2020 many in the media called it “too early.” We saw that the initial public and media reaction to Covid-19 was like the rest of us. I was in the same boat with everyone else in thinking that although it was a virus, it seemed a lot like the flu (of course my views have changed overtime). Looking back now we see the media for the past 2 weeks screaming that all the cases and deaths in the U.S. are a direct result of the negligence of Donald Trump. But is Trump really the one to blame?

Under the 10th Amendment the state and local governments retain the primary responsibility for health. This includes monitoring the burden of injury and disease in the population through surveillance system; identifying individuals and groups that have conditions of public health importance with testing, and reporting; providing prevention services such as counseling and education; and helping assure access to high-quality health care services for poor and vulnerable populations.

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With this out on the table this does not restrict the Federal Government from intervening and helping, however they are supposed to have the states take their own route. Your average U.S. citizen doesn’t know this bit of information and the media will clearly never report this. That is why many will easily side with the media in wanting to blame the “shortcomings” of the Trump Administration.

For me, living in the state of Utah we currently have (as of April 5) 1,600 confirmed cases and 8 deaths related to Covid-19. The state issued a stay-at-home order 2 weeks ago and a banning of gatherings of over 50 about 3 weeks ago. Testing has been made available to all that show symptoms and they have a drive and drop-off test here. The moves that my state has taken was tailored to fit the needs and followed what the CDC warned. Unfortunately we have not seen the same in states like New York, Washington, and New Jersey who have mismanaged their handling of it.


So under the 10th amendment is Trump really the one to blame?

I think it is clear to see that no matter who we want to point fingers at in the U.S. we have to come to the consensus of where the root of the problem originated. It all started in China. When I refer to China don’t get me wrong about my view of the wonderful people of China. I have many friends who are from China and have met some wonderful people that live there. When I am referring to China I am referring to their government. It is time to recognize that the Chinese Government should be held responsible for the mismanagement and handling of the Corona Virus (Covid-19). China has been quietly running a propaganda campaign within their country blaming on the deaths rather than helping the world develop a vaccine. I think that is enough to show what they truly care about. They care more about power than the lives of people. It is time to hold them accountable!

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