Should Biden’s Accuser have a public hearing to hold the left to the same standard they had with Kavanaugh?

The Democrat Party and their Fake Media counterparts have continued to move further to the left and become more radical. The double standard between Democrats and Republicans has become beyond apparent and is now starting raise questions to why Democrats are not being held to the same standards that they have set Republicans too. 

One case of the left failing to hold Democrats to the same standard as Republicans is over sexual allegations. We all remember the baseless allegations against Brett Kavanaugh by their “start witness” Christine Blasey Ford, who waited decades and conveniently right before Kavanaugh was to be appointed to the Supreme Court to tell her story. The main problems is that she had nothing to back her story, there was no date, no time, no place, there was nothing but a baseless allegation and the media and Democrat party ate it up. For weeks all the media played was the same allegations in an attempt to paint Kavanaugh as a drunken monster. 

Furthermore, the other accusers were proven to be liars as they admitted to falsely making up their story to derail the Senate vote on Kavanaugh. This was done in an attempt to push the Senate vote past the midterm election so that President Trump could not appoint a second judge to the Supreme Court. 

Lastly this case sparked the #metoo movement where the radical left told us to believe all women no matter what, therefore the whole innocent until proven guilty was changed to guilty prove your innocents.

So now that Joe Biden’s sexual accuser Tara Readehas come forward with an actual time and date, and a neighbor to back up her story, where is the endless coverage for Tara Reade? Where is the #metoo movement? And where is all of the “believe all women” people? The answer is, there are none. That is because the left has never held themselves to their own standards and will make everything political if it benefits them, but will bury any story that can potentially hurt them.

Even now that the bombshell video that adds high creditability to Tara Reade’s story, the media has remained silent. Joe Biden should not be assumed to guilty and have to prove his innocents like Kavanaugh, however the media and the left should be holding Biden to the same standard they held Kavanaugh and let Reade tell her story. 

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