Restricting Progress: Over-Regulation Exposed by the Pandemic

Restricting Progress: Over-Regulation Exposed by the Pandemic - Politics | The Raging Patriot
Previous administrations like the Obama Administration getting ready to pass more regulations and restrictions.

The Chinese Virus has shown how regulations and the bureaucratic system of the CDC and the FDA are ineffective. The regulations and restrictions put in place over the years limited the processing of test samples to only government laboratories. Many of these restrictions were loosened for emergency by the Trump Administration. Coincidently the number of processed samples went up exponentially. With the United States testing about 100,000 tests a day now, because of the contributions from private labs. It has been noted that the early issue in this crisis of the availability of testing kits is not significant anymore. Most states have an adequate amount of tests with more and more being sent out by the federal government. However, the issue of processing test samples still lingers a bit.

The amount of processing has exploded with addition of private laboratories, but the turnaround times for test results are 24 to 48 hours. Still even, with the addition of private laboratories, there needs to be more sample processing according to Dr. Fauci for national coordination and effective stoppage of this contagion. One of the saving graces of this crisis is the inclusion of private companies. With many private companies now developing testing kits with turnaround times of 15 minutes.

The Regulation Issue

The FDA has loosened its rules and is helping speed track these developments. The old system of everything being conducted by the government such as in the H1N1 epidemic has been subdued by the new system that the Trump administration is laying forth. This new system focusing on speed and increasing capacity with the involvement of private companies in many spheres. Trumpís policy of deregulation has come in handy during this crisis as a lot of barriers are being taken down to expand the capabilities and tools to fight this invisible enemy, the Chinese Virus (COVID19). Not to mention that all regulations are a source of income for the government in most cases because they can charge processing fees and fines for not abiding by the regulations. The over-regulation by many government bureaus is a looming issue. that the public must consider addressing.

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