Marxist America: The Frightening Rise of the Radical Left

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The rise of Marxist Ideology

America is a nation that values opportunity. A nation that loves freedom and despises tyranny. What if that wasn’t the case anymore, at least for a large group of people inside that same nation? What if the dark ideas of the past are resurfacing and not enough people are noticing? The easiest way to point this out on the surface is the amount of support that Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont has shown across the nation over the last two democratic primaries. Only a decade or two back, the socialist ideas of Bernie Sanders would have been frowned upon by an overwhelming majority of Americans, but there is a young generation rising up and it is starting to become clear that the bad ideas of the past have a fighting chance of revival in American politics.

The Radical Left

We hear this term a lot but what does it actually mean? I want to start by pointing out that there is a major difference between the “Radical Leftists” and your basic Democrat. Even though may not agree with Democrats, that isn’t the group that I am talking about here. I will refer to the radicals as “Leftists” in this article to keep that distinction clear.

A radical leftist hates capitalism, they hate the free market. They want opposing views silenced while their views are shouted. A radical leftist views the ideas of Karl Marx positively. To put it simply, a radical leftist hates the United States of America and anything like it. They want a revolution of massive proportion inside the United States to change it into their “Utopia”. Bernie Sanders has been seen as a leader for this side of the Democratic Party for awhile. Now it seems like it will soon be passed down to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Ocasio-Cortez is a radical leftist and she won’t hide it. She is bold with her ideas, stupid as they may be, which will eventually lead to her being the face of the Democratic Socialists of America.

Universities Have Been Taken Over By Leftist Ideology

It is no secret that the left controls campuses across America. We have seen it manifest itself in many different ways over the last few years. There have been multiple surveys taken and they reveal something very bothersome, conservative minded students are feeling intimidated into keeping their beliefs to themselves to avoid being attacked. Found inside an article from theatlantic.com, a study done by 3 professors at the University of North Carolina discovered that roughly 1/4 of all of the students in the survey believed that silencing views that they feel are wrong is alright to do. 1/4 may not sound like a lot, but this quarter of students can control the narrative on the campus because they are louder than the majority. This video below shows examples of that.

The Danger of Leftist Ideology

Leftist ideology I like to compare to a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It is presented as the tolerant and loving ideology but it is anything but that. There are many young adults who do not quite understand this because they have been taught that the intention of the left is inherently good. They believe that the left is “fighting for the little guy”. My response to this kind of thinking is, are the leftist politicians really fighting for the little guy? I would argue no they are not. Their intention is to control you and I. They want to push as many people onto government dependency as possible. This gives them power to oppress. We cannot be blind to this fact, it will put America on the brink of destruction. We must recognize it is not the governments job to make our life better, that’s an individual responsibility.

So what happens when a government gains total control of the people? Well, we don’t have to look very far back in history to understand what happens. You see millions of people dead and you see millions of people oppressed. Hundreds of thousands of American soldiers died fighting this type of thinking and now it is reviving on our own land. Americans everywhere need to band together to fight Marxist thinking with facts. We do not want to silence those who believe this way, we just need to ensure that they do not become the majority. Because if the leftists become the majority then we are looking at a future America that isn’t so free.

Watch Video below destroying the “That isn’t real Marxism” argument by Jordan B. Peterson

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