What is the root problem in America?

WARNING!!! This article contains subjects that are true and can be deemed offensive to liberals, feminist and conservatives. Read and get inspired or pissed at your own risk. – Packin’     

From the first seconds of life, we have fought and struggled to stay alive. The present is a testament to how well we have fought and how tough we have persevered. 

Many nations have been born in peace and have had no cause for a brutal founding. We have no such nation, our nation rivals the founding of the Romans, Spartans and the English in a blood-soaked beginning. For our nation was not born in the calm, or in peace, ours is a nation born in blood. 

What set America apart from the other Nations was that we centered everything around Freedom. We have fought war after war to maintain our freedom. With all the tribulations that our country has gone through, one would expect us to be united and full of strength. However, if you have social media or any way to see the news you’ll find the opposite. What went so wrong in the country?

The answer lies directly in front of us. It’s so simple that one might wonder how nobody has seen it. The last Democratic primary has just concluded and one recurring theme throughout the entire debate was that of government control, promoting women and minorities, this nation is being destroyed by white straight men that are evil, and of course the bad orange man. 

No, I’m not kidding you, those were the talking points, the candidates might have reworded them a bit, but that was all it was. One topic that most candidates did agree one was that the government has to take care of everybody, regardless of how those people feel. 

I will spare you the mindless ache of listing all the left’s talking points and the obvious tyranny by just taking you directly to narrow in on the question of “what went wrong?” When people want power, they will do absolutely anything to achieve it. One of the primary strategies is to demasculinize men.

If you ever care to look back at your dusty old history books, you will discover things that are no longer promoted or taught in schools. 

Those things are that the nations that were great and stayed great had very strong men; Alexander the Great, King Leonidas, Genghis Khan, William Wallace, and George Washington to just name a few. These were not only educated but also strong men in every aspect. 

There were no “Rules of Engagement” restrictions or regulations to tie their hands in either war and peace, and they did not have to worry about offending anyone. Women were not a hindrance in either politics or the military, such as they are now. 

Traits such as honor, respect, loyalty, virtue, mercy, and bravery were abundant in all these men and hundreds like them. They were what kept their nations strong, they protected their families, their land and their freedom.

We see that when those traits were absent in the majority of the population, these nations crumbled. We have become a nation that embodies the complete opposite values and morals that are necessary and vital to keep a nation. 

Our nation is on the disastrous downward spiral that always ends in destruction. At this point our nation is made up of soyboys, beta males and alpha women (which contrary to the popular image are reputable for destroying nations.) Very few actual alpha men still exist, our nation is just waiting for an invader to conquer us. There is very little hope of recovering our nation short of a civil war or a revolution. 

As always, remember to be ready to defend all you hold dear, be ready to fight more freedom and make the other SOB die for trying to take it. If you’re reading this don’t fall prey to the raping of manhood and all that men were created to be.

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