The Real Gender Gap

Women of today are convinced that they have few rights. It is not uncommon to hear phrases such as “the pay gap” and “male superiority”. While it might seem like everything is pushing towards a large sense that fewer rights are offered to women, the truth is, we have come and an exceedingly long way.

The gender pay gap is another concern for many women. Is it true that men make more money? What can be done about this? The simplest answer is that more women can apply for work. The gender pay gap according to Payscale is that women earn $0.79 for every man’s $1.00. This assessment can not be trusted. The Bureau of Labor Statistics points out that more men hold jobs than women. The pay gap numbers include the 29 percent of women that have chosen to become stay at home moms. These women are earning little to no money and yet are factored into the pay gap.  It is not unfair business dealings, but the woman’s choice to not make an income. However, this is not the only gap between genders.

The Status of Women website shared that in the 2010 elections, 61.5 percent of women were registered to vote, while only 57.9 percent of men were. When the ballots were counted, 42.7 percent of women had voted in compared to the men’s 40.9 percent. According to these statistics, women not only have the equal right to vote, but a greater percentage of women actually cast a ballet than men.

In 2018 it was recorded by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention that

69 percent of suicides were white males and that men as a whole accounted for 3.56 times more suicides than women. There is a gap, the pay is simply not the most grievous one.

The leading feminists fought for things such as the right to vote and equal pay. Looking at the statistics, they would be proud to see that their hard work paid off. While there may be some prejudice, overall, women are extremely well off and by all accounts equal to their male counterparts.

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