New Democratic Game Plan for the 2020 Election Hinges on the Death of Millions.

 Jerrold Nadler | The Raging Patriot

For months, top Democrats have tried and tested failed tactics to reverse the 2016 presidential election’s results, thereby disregarding the votes and voices of 63 million hard-working, American patriots. Whether it be baseless accusations against the President’s character, a witchhunt against his Cabinet and colleagues, or an invalid impeachment sham, they have failed to silence the Republican base that has been reinvigorated to take back their rights since our triumph in 2016. The tables have turned, however, and Democrats have been blessed by COVID-19, being handed a perfect chance for them to take back the presidency. It is your responsibility to prevent this by being aware of this dire situation, the Democrats’ agenda of destruction, and how you can stop the coronavirus from reaching you.

A bit of background:

The Coronavirus pandemic was started by a virus called COVID-19, which hit America starting in late-February to early-March. The mismanagement of state and local governments, namely New York and California’s by their governors, as well as the outbreak being an unprecedented event, led to the massive growth of the disease in major Metropolitan areas and a large stock market crash. The Trump Administration put vice-president Mike Pence in charge of a Coronavirus Task Force, who rebooted and resupplied our medical stockpiles, which had been depleted and neglected by the Obama administration.

The Democrats have capitalized on this crisis by constantly attacking President Trump’s handling of this crisis, which has been lauded by many and given him a major bump in the approval ratings. Their media outrage machine and their puppet spokespeople of the press have also lambasted his policies as racist and ineffective, though anyone with half a brain could figure out that those policies gave America valuable time to prepare for the virus and mitigate the damage.

Pelosi, Schumer, and their thugs also constantly block bills in Congress which would help Americans across the board and give a boost to the struggling economy. They destroy the states they are in control of, which are the most affected states in America, and blame it on Trump. They act as if they have done so much to stop the coronavirus when it is the Trump Administration that is saving everyday Americans, but why all this?

In reality, this is just another political play for the self-centered left. They fail the American people for power and relish it. They let millions get sick and die, just to win back their precious presidency. They deliberately prevent aid from reaching everyday Americans to strengthen their chances at a successful last-ditch attempt at discrediting President Trump. They pretend to care, but those who got us into this mess, the Washington Democrats, sit back behind their mahogany desks with a smirk as they watch this crisis unfold.

We the people cannot let this continue any longer. We need to protect our rights, our families, and our President’s reelection.

To do that, go to the CDC Website to find out more about Coronavirus Prevention, Care, and Safety, as well as listen to The White House Press Briefings for the latest updates every day from your president and his team.

Thank you for reading, God Bless you and God Bless America!

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