Liberty, Death or Slavery?

Two months ago, in response to tyrannical anti-second amendment legislation, an estimated twenty- five thousand men and women visited Richmond, Virginia. The call was for an army of militias to descend on the capital, which isnít quite what occurred. While thousands of people flocked to the capital of this State, it was a mixture of individuals, small bands of neighbors, protesters, and onlookers.† Some came armed with weapons, others did not. The purpose of this demonstration was to show the Virginia Legislature that these citizens were free and would not stand peacefully by and give up their rights. As I am seeing all of this unfold in what was once one of the freest states in the United States, I am reminded of what once was.

In the early 1770ís we, as colonists, performed protest after protest, in hopes of peacefully reconciling the differences we had with the British Empire. These protests were over taxes levied by the Crown to pay for the Seven Years War. It came to pass in 1775 that the British under the command of General Thomas Gage, marched on colonial stores of arms at Concord, Massachusetts. The colonials didnít wage a protest then, they fought, bled and died for their freedom. One of the arguments that the different colonial legislatures made against war, was that why they should trade one tyrant for many more from their friends and neighbors. In the end, they all agreed that in the words of Thomas Jefferson that they ďPrefer dangerous Liberty over peaceful slavery.Ē 

While it is admirable what the Virginians did this week, tyrants will only listen when looking down the end of a gun. All that this protest did was paint a target on the back of everyone who was there. Granted, they did show tremendous response and upheld their dignity as Americans, thatís about all they accomplished. The following week the Legislature ignored the protest and advanced the proposed laws. 

We have a country where liberty and freedom are preached but arenít valued. We have a nation where virtues such an honor, discipline and common sense arenít realized or practiced. As a nation, we wonít have freedom unless we do what is necessary to deserve it. Iím not saying that we need to rebel against the government. However, I am saying that the time for just talking and doing meaningless protests is over. Itís time for true, freedom-loving Americans to start acting with the fortitude and fervor that their ancestors did. Eventually, according to history books, there will be a war and death will become an action that is necessary for the preservation of liberty. Just like the men that pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred Honor, for a cause that the world has always considered a lost cause. We must be willing to do the same. The cause of Freedom has always been an underdog, outgunned and outmanned. Those who partake are must assuredly sign their own death warrants. Millions are swallowed into slavery because they value their life too much. Liberty has always been won by the common man who stands up for whatís right, in the face of death, because he knows that he is better off dying on his own two feet than living on his knees. The cause of freedom is what the principles of this country are planted in, and the blood of patriots is what has let it become a tremendous shining star on the worldís horizon.

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