President Trump Trolls the Media: Makes WiFi Password ‘WhoBuiltTheCagesJoe?’ for Press at Recent Rally

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‘F*ck Donald Trump’: 50 Cent Seemingly Retracts Endorsement Of The President

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Opioid-Related Deaths Are Rising Dramatically During the Pandemic Lockdowns

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Trump: Biden has “Waved A White Flag On Life. He Doesn’t Leave His Basement”

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7-Figure Entrepreneur Tyler Webster Shines as a Strong Example of How To Live The American Dream

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Ice Cube Slams Dem Critics For Telling Him To ‘Shut up And Vote For Biden’

Ice Cube has defended himself for working with President Donald Trump on his Black Economic Empowerment 'Platinum Plan' saying, 'I’m not playing… Read More

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OPINION: Anti-Trump Republicans Always Were Wolves In Sheep’s Clothing

Many Republicans in our own government are sellouts and frauds. This isn't simply because they are against President Trump though.… Read More

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(VIDEO) Only Fans Model Opens Fire on 2 Home Invaders Who Attacked Her Husband and Son

Home security footage caught the moment 2 men entered OnlyFans model, Ansley Pacheco, home brandishing 2 Uzis whom she opened… Read More

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Middle East Peace: Trump Orchestrates Another Peace Deal, Israel And Sudan To Normalize Relations

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Biden’s Gun Plan: Is the 2nd Amendment Secure?

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