BREAKING: New Poland Law Will Deny Abortion In Nearly All Cases; Protests Flood The Streets

12 hours ago
Braydon Peterson

In a new court ruling, Poland has declared that abortion is against the law unless the mother is a victim… Read More

Liar Liar: Joe Biden Falsely Claims that No Americans Lost their Private Insurance Due to Obamacare

Last night was the final presidential debate before the election and both candidates, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, really pulled… Read More

22 hours ago

Joe Biden Lied So Much At The Debate Even CNN Couldn’t Resist Exposing Him

Joe Biden and Donald Trump had their final debate on Thursday evening. A wide range of topics were discussed, but… Read More

23 hours ago

The Laptop Would Be The End of the Biden Campaign and Democrats Know It

In the aftershocks of an explosive New York Post report detailing email exchanges between Hunter Biden,  the son of Democratic… Read More

24 hours ago

King County Washington Brings Back Segregation; Holds Separate But Equal Trainings For Employees

Is it 1950 or 2020? Segregation is making a comeback inside the United States and not enough people are noticing.… Read More

2 days ago

President Trump Defends Liberty, Freedom, and Justice for All

More than ever we need help from President Trump. There are a lot of ideological conflicts happening in America right… Read More

3 days ago

Chris Pratt Called a White Supremacist For Skipping Biden Fundraiser; Robert Downey Jr. Comes To His Defense

Chris Pratt is at the center of attention after a slew of attacks from the left came at him for… Read More

3 days ago

DHS Announces a New Center to Fight Human Trafficking and the Media Fails to Report

On Tuesday, the Department of Homeland Security announced the opening of the new Center for Countering Human Trafficking that is… Read More

3 days ago

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HILLARY: Senate To Confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett on Hillary Clinton’s Birthday

Hillary Clinton will get a birthday present from Mitch McConnell this year! October 26th is the date that has been… Read More

4 days ago

Adam Schiff Lies To The American People; Claims Russia Is Behind Biden Laptop

Adam Schiff is back at it again with the Russia hoax based on no evidence. What is most disturbing about… Read More

4 days ago